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The PHD of Baseball Winter Camp 2018

By Pat Murphy, 10/27/17, 5:15AM EDT


Winter Pre-Season Training Camp


The PHD of Baseball Winter Camp is a High School Readiness Program designed by Gus Kaplanges the Varsity Head Coach at Annapolis HS. The 2017 Panthers were the recipients of the prestigious American Baseball Coaches Association's (ABCA) Team Academic Excellence Award in 2017.  Coach Kaplanges has infused enthusiasm and pride back into the Annapolis HS Baseball Program by winning their first County Playoff Game since they won the State's back in 1988. Now Coach Gus Kaplanges and his staff are preparing for the 2018 season and hope to see a great turn out of all the incoming freshmen, underclassmen and upperclassmen at the winter camp. Coach Kaplanges said "By motivating our players to COMPETE IN THE CLASSROOM and hold them accountable before practice we were able to have a great GPA, program wide, from Varsity on down to JV, thanks to the entire Coaching Staff. This was a program wide accomplishment. It is very rarely seen when a HS sports team, program wide, can carry a decent GPA, yet alone what we did by carrying a very impressive 3.47 GPA. It was just another example of how hard the guys worked on earning their PHD of Baseball...Pride, Heart, Determination.

We have a great group of student/athletes coming into the program this coming season and they will continue to grow our successes on the field and in the classroom in 2018. The PHD of Baseball Winter Camp is here to help get our guys on the right path for success before our train rolls down the tracks and into the season." For more information on Annapolis HS Baseball contact Coach Kaplanges via email at

The PHD of Baseball Winter Camp will be administered by Coach James Kaplanges who is an American Baseball Coaches Association, Bay Bridge Baseball Academy, CrabFest Baseball, BASES and Top Velocity Baseball Authorized Instructor and Coach.  He will be assisted by Coach Brian Shaw of the BBBA and Former Varsity Coach under Coach Gus Kaplanges at a previous high school. Both of these coaches have been under the tutelage of Coach Gus Kaplanges and were hand picked for this very important instructional and developmental winter program for High School Baseball Players from 9th-12th Grades. If you have an 8th grader that would like to participate please register him. 

This is an 8 week program that will focus on educating players on the importance of proper arm care and preparation for Tryouts. This Camp will properly prepare the players arms, bats, gloves, footwork and balance, for tryouts on March 1.  This camp will also improve skills and knowledge of the game for the 2018 season.  By participating in this Winter Camp players will Learn the PHD of Baseball and the Panther Way.

High School Baseball Tryouts begin on March 1st. Coach Kaplanges explains, "It will be here before you know it and if your not prepared properly, your arm will get sore and you will not perform well at the tryouts, especially if you can't throw the baseball during the evaluations by the Coaching Staff. You will be evaluated on how fast you run, how hard your throwing velocity is and how hard you can hit the baseball, aka, "exit velocity". These data driven abilities dictate the speed of your game. The speed of your game will dictate where you will play on the field. You will be improving these measure-ables by attending this camp. Be prepared to Throw Hard, Run Fast and Hit it Square! The PHD of Baseball = PRIDE! HEART! DETERMINATION!" Register at this link by December 1st:  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

For more information on the camp send an email to: